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Every time your favorite athlete scores, 


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Put your sports knowledge to work

Invest in athletic performance by trading Athlete Performance Tokens on our decentralized exchange powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

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APTs are backed by the native AX token which can be purchased and staked to earn AX rewards. Governance utility will be implemented as our community continues to grow.

Athlete Performance Tokens (APTs) are digital assets that represent athletic performance. The price of an APT is based on an athlete's in-game statistics. Purchase Athlete Tokens with any ERC 20 cryptocurrency and trade them on our DEX.

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We are currently integrated with...

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Trade APTs

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Our Roadmap

Phase 1: Pre-Testnet

- Finalize AX tokenomics structure

- Integrate with Chainlink oracle

- AX presale

Phase 3: Pre-Mainnet

- Launch AX on SushiSwap

- Setup AX - GYSR incentive pool

- Get listed on Coingecko

- Soft-Launch DEX

Phase 5: Post-Mainnet

Phase 2: Testnet

- Launch smart contracts on Polygon

- Finalize staking contracts on DEX

- Begin prototype testing

Phase 4: Mainnet

- Launch DEX platform

- Release NFL APTs

- Initiate gamification

- Release new sport APTs (NBA, MMA, Golf, Tennis, and much more)

- Get listed on centralized exchanges

- Launch mobile app



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