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Create, Manage, and Own your public or private fantasy league with more control than ever before

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Choose your fantasy

Fantasy Markets

Make your mark on the fantasy sports world to build your team, rise up the ranks, and earn bragging rights as the top fantasy player in all of sports. Buy, sell, and trade fantasy athlete stocks based on cutting-edge market technology to take your team through top leagues and contests.

Multi-Sport Leagues

Play with your friends against fans around the world for top prizes in the only fantasy game to combine sports into an ultimate fantasy sports competition. League players have complete control over which sports, players, and stats make up the roster and scoring in each league.

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Prediction Markets

Win the markets to find your edge in sports knowledge based props, markets, and games. Winnings are always available and there is never a vig on AthleteX since all markets are community-powered. Prize pools are guaranteed by smart-contracts for easy, secure
real-time transactions.  


Take back your league

Play community-owned fantasy sports on AthleteX

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Create Your Sport & Control Your League

AthleteX gives you power to customize the sports and athlete universe in your league for the first ever multi-sport fantasy experience. 


Manage Your Squad

Compete against friends in your league or play with your friends against other leagues. 


Built by Players, For Players

Create your league to own your fantasy and earn trading fees as commissioner. On AthleteX you are the house.

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