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Earn AX Rewards on GYSR

NOVEMBER 12, 2021

We are excited to announce our integration on GYSR!

GYSR is a platform for on-chain incentives. Through this integration, AthleteX is launching its first utility mechanism for our governance token, AX. The Staking pool is an incentive for AX holders to provide their AX as liquidity on SushiSwap.

The AX-WETH pool currently sits at $175,000 in TVL. Those who provide AX & WETH to the SushiSwap pool on Polygon earn LP fees on every transaction between AX and WETH.

Starting today, you can stack your AX rewards from GYSR in addition to LP fees earned on Sushi.

Staking AX on GYSR is fountain-style, meaning staking rewards are not affected by other investor interactions. This allows staking on GYSR to be user-friendly and predictable. Additionally, it’s important to remember that early stakers still have a chance at greater rewards since staking compounds AX rewards over the 90 days. The Liquidity Mining fountain is only available for the next 90 days — start earning rewards here!

This fountain is the first example of utility for the AX token. As the AthleteX ecosystem grows, the token will become an integral component of governance in addition to APT minting, redeeming, and swapping. The purpose of this incentive is to reinforce liquidity for AX across decentralized exchanges. Feel free to refer to our guide on how to stake AX on GYSR and leave feedback on your experience!


About AX Markets

At AthleteX Markets, we provide sports fans with the ability to invest directly into the performance of their favorite athletes. Our decentralized exchange and issuance protocol provides access to mints, burns, and swaps for Athlete Performance Tokens. On-chain, verifiable pricing of athlete performance brings a level of transparency and comfort not yet seen in sports prediction markets.

Our native token, AX, is purchased by users to stake, earn rewards, and contribute to system governance.

If you are interested in contributing to the development and marketing of AthleteX, join the AthleteX Discord community to learn more!

About GYSR

GYSR is an open platform for on-chain incentives. As both a developer tool and an investment platform, GYSR is a crossroads for activity in decentralized finance. The core staking protocol is a contract between creators and users to incentivize a particular tokenized behavior. The factory contract allows any creator to easily configure and deploy a staking pool for their own project. Finally, at the global level, the platform facilitates discovery, investment, and value flow between projects and users.

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